My name is Claire and I've been kicking it in Kingston, Ontario for the past five years. I am wheelie (I’m so sorry) jazzed to be travelling at the speed of bike with all of you! I love the extra opportunities bike speed provides, be it some wild life or a friendly stranger conversation about ‘how crazy what we’re doing is!’. Last summer I bought a bike in Seattle and rode it along the ocean to San Francisco. It was my first trek and I’ve been hooked ever since. I’ve done most of my travelling in Western and Northwestern Canada, where I plant trees in the summer. The expansive wilderness and down to earth culture really keeps me coming back. My hobbies include keyboards, guitar, drums, dance, writing, snowboarding and wait for it… biking! My work experience with teens comes from teaching dance, so if that’s something you’re into then I look forward to some random dance parties. Can’t wait to meet everyone, and collectively feel that special rush of reaching our first destination! Pedal on.